Europe: Day 3

Last night was probably the best night of sleep I have ever had! The hotel rooms here are really small (mine and Alicia’s beds are squished together, the bathroom is literally like 6… Continue reading

Europe: Day 2

After that Australia flight, I realized that I could do anything. The flight to Dusseldorf was not even bad. I slept for about 4-5 hours of it, so that was good. I’ve also… Continue reading

Europe: Day 1

Already, I can tell this trip is going to be completely different than Australia, simply because A) We are traveling in a group and B) Everything is pre-planned and I don’t really have… Continue reading

Pre Europe!

Today, ONU women’s soccer took back Ada! Holy crap, I forgot what it felt like to play college soccer. It’s really not that we had to do anything extremely challenging at practice, it’s… Continue reading

Mini Cork Boards

So I’m moving into my apartment on Thursday, so it’s time to hammer down and get some crafting done!! (Because I don’t craft enough, right?) I got the idea from something I saw… Continue reading

Fruit Pizza Recipe

Girls Night + Disney Movie Night + Game Night + Yummy Desserts = SUCCESS My best friend Kara and I decided to make a dessert for girls night, but we felt like something… Continue reading

Golfing with Ma and Paj!

For the past 2 summers, I’ve wanted to go golfing, so this year, I made sure we did! So Thursday, my mom, my dad, and I went to Rolling Meadows Golf Course in… Continue reading

Life Lessons

Since I’ve been back from Australia, I’ve had time to do a lot of thinking, mostly about what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown and how my values have changed. So after a… Continue reading


I’ve only been home for what, a week and a half? and I already needed a break and I needed to get out and do something different, so when Anna asked if I… Continue reading

Australia Crafts

So while I was in Australia, I compiled a collection of things that I was like “Oh my gosh, I’m going to craft with this!” It was mostly papers, but I also collected… Continue reading