In Da Clubb!!!

Since a lot of people don’t work on Fridays (even though I do), we all decided to go out Thursday night and I am so glad I did! We went to a place… Continue reading

First Couple Days at Starlight

So it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted. That’s because I have literally gotten off of work, came back to my room, and gone to bed. haha. Part of me is… Continue reading

Sydney Day 2

I have seriously learned so much. I have literally been in Australia for less than a week, but I have experienced more in these 6 day than I have in the past 6… Continue reading

Day 1 In Sydney/ My Journey with Weight Loss and Depression

If this is how everyday is going to be on this trip, I apologize in advance because you are going to have to read through long blog posts with tons of pictures.  Hopefully… Continue reading

Made it to Sydney

This is going to be a short one, but we made it to Sydney!! We are staying at a place called the Empire Hotel and it is located above a pub.  The house… Continue reading

Cairns Adventures: Bridging Cultures Program

Well, a lot has happened in the past 2 days!  There has been so much to see and explore and do in Cairns.  We started out with our sessions where we learned a… Continue reading

Greetings from Australia

Greetings from Sydney!! We finally made it to Australia!! The flight was not as bad as I was expecting, I somehow managed to sleep for about 10 of the 15 hours, so it… Continue reading

Transferring Images to Wood/ Habitat for Humanity

Ok, so I have tried to do this craft multiple times in the past, but I have always had problems with it. When I tried it this time, it still didn’t turn out… Continue reading


Since I will be in Australia for all of June, my sister and I decided we were going to celebrate Father’s Day today! We ended up making it a surprise for him, and… Continue reading

Anna Came to Visit!

Today, my roommate Anna came to visit! Well actually, she came over last night, but it was like 2 in the morning, so we didn’t really do much. I live on the east… Continue reading